Frequently asked questions

Ready for take-off but still have some questions? Check out our frequently asked questions below. Need more information? Just contact us—we are standing by.

Is it possible to go ballooning at any time of the year?

Yes, but most balloon rides take place between April and October. We can fly at sunrise or a few hours before sunset. In the winter, flights may take place throughout the day.

How far in advance must I make a reservation?

Reserving far in advance is not necessary. Some 2 weeks before your desired date is ideal. Last-minute bookings are also possible. We try to be flexible about your date preferences, but it is ultimately the meteorological situation that determines whether a flight may or may not take place.

Where do we fly?

This depends on the ballooning formula you choose. A standard balloon ride departs from one of our fixed locations in Antwerp or the Antwerp Campine region. A private balloon ride departs from a location of your choice. Upon your request, we can depart from anywhere in the Benelux. The choice of launch site is influenced by the wind direction and speed and by the availability of landing sites.

How high do we fly?

We reach altitudes between 500 and 4500 feet (150 and 1500 metres). In restricted traffic zones (e.g., around the airport in Deurne), air traffic controllers will dictate a latitude. Once we start looking for a landing site, the balloon will fly at just several metres off the ground.

When do the balloon rides take place?

For a morning ride, we take off at sunrise. For an evening ride, we start approximately 2.5 hours before sunset.

How long is a balloon ride?

Each flight is a unique experience, so we cannot give you an exact time of duration. The flight itself, from launch to landing, lasts at least 1 hour. The entire event takes 3 to 4 hours.

How far do we fly?

The total distance covered depends on the wind speed and varies from 5 to 30 kilometres.

Where do we land?

You cannot simply steer a balloon. So our landing site depends on the wind. Landing requires a good deal of concentration from the pilot. We want to hinder the farmers as little as possible while landing. Landing close to crops or animals is not permitted. Every year, we organise a 'farmers' balloon day'. The land owners receive a landing form and are automatically entered into a raffle in which they can win a free balloon ride.

How do we get home?

Our ground crew follows the balloon during the flight and will arrive at the landing site as quickly as possible. Following the flight can sometimes be as exciting as the flight itself. Family and friends may also follow the flight in their own vehicles. The passengers are brought back to the launch site with our vehicle.

Is it cold up there?

Not at all. Balloons sail along with the wind, so the wind, which can be biting on the ground, is no longer felt in the air. Balloon flights can even be made in freezing temperatures. The burners radiate some warmth down into the basket, so that it is usually warmer there than on the ground. A sturdy pair of shoes, long trousers and a cap or hood to protect your head from the burner are ideal.

What do I wear to go ballooning?

A sturdy pair of shoes, long trousers and a cap or hood to protect your head from the burner are ideal.

Why bubbly?

Your first balloon ride will leave you with a very special feeling. So, we want to celebrate that with a glass of bubbly, a tradition that dates back to the 1700's.

Is ballooning safe?

Statistically speaking, ballooning is one of the safest forms of aviation. Our pilots have been trained and qualified according to the European standards, and they all have a professional ballooning license. If your balloon ride is cancelled, this is always be for your safety. All our equipment conforms to the highest quality standards and is inspected annually by the technical services of the Civil Aviation Authority.

Is there an age limit?

We recommend a minimum age of 6 years. Children may come along on a balloon ride only if accompanied by an adult and only if they are at least 1.10 metres tall. If they are shorter than this, they cannot see over the side of the basket. Older people are also welcome on board. The only condition is that they are physically fit for their age and can stand up for an hour and, of course, that they are in the mood for an adventure. When making your reservation, please let us know if there are any children or older people in your group.

What if I am afraid of heights?

Experience has shown us and makes us confident in saying that fear of heights in no problem in a balloon. Since you have no contact with the ground in a balloon, the fear of heights fades away. 

I am pregnant. May I balloon?

First of all, congratulations! It is best if you wait until after the baby is born to enjoy a ballooning adventure. We do not allow pregnant women on board.