Ballooning for company events

Looking for a fantastic idea for a company event or promotional campaign? A balloon ride is an out-of-the-box concept that your employees, customers or suppliers will not soon forget. Perfect for team building, customer outings, a ballooning gift voucher for a birthday, a colleague who is retiring… for company flights, the sky's the limit. Or raffle off a balloon ride in your shop.

The entire organisation of your company's hot-air balloon event is in good hands with Bertels. We gather your passengers together at an amazing location, and let them enjoy the nature and the adventure. And to pamper all their senses, we can arrange, with your guidance, for the necessary nibbles and drinks, a breakfast or a picnic. A complete experience, tailored to you!

Aerial advertising

An advertising balloon will always be a major eye-catcher, a boost for your business! A powerful marketing medium that is guaranteed to pay off. Valvoline Motor Oils, Nokia, VT4 and Ter Beke Food are just a few brands that have chosen Bertels Balloon Management and capitalize on the full potential of aerial advertising. In fact, the hot-air balloon is suitable for all departments in your organisation:

  • Sales managers can provide an extra incentive
  • Communication managers can invite the press on board
  • The HR manager can give the most deserving employee an original reward
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Social media

Feature the air balloon on your website and social media, and let people literally follow your balloon. Let the hot-air balloon also do its work on the ground, rising up like an enormous advertising banner, even in the dark, lit up by its own burner. Or organise contests and award the winners a ballooning adventure. Fly with potential and existing customers throughout the country from various launch sites.

We offer the ultimate in professional service and a variety of design concepts. Ranging from a small hopper balloon to a balloon with 'appendages' or a very special shape. Together with you, we work out an annual schedule so you can optimise your balloon investment.

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Budget hot-air balloons

Every air balloon concept has a specific price. Depending on the number of days that you want to use the balloon, you must provide for an annual 'pilots budget'. We recommend working out a campaign consisting of 30 to 40 balloon events per year to guarantee maximum exposure.

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